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I'm here updating fr my dearest BestfLxve's dead blog . Heheh . bestf can't update blog cos no internet due to some reasons . But if bestf at her mum's house , she can update . Like today she's at her mum's house , but she very the lazy to update today . P-e-m-a-l-a-s btol . haha ! & bestf can't online or etc like she used to .

So now bestf currently watching Toilet 105 . Just now bestf ask to watch also . I watched halfway . The sound effect very scary . haha . Nobody is at home . So i tak brany lurh watch alone . At least bestf is accompanied by her U.joe at home to watch . haha . And now im watching Lu Pikirlah Sendiri the movie . (:

Tomorrow our school will be celebrating RHD . Me & bestf will be wearing cheongsam . Haha . First time seh . Heheh . Our class , mesty bnyk pakai traditional costume nye . Mostly the girls uhq . haha . Tmr will be going sch wv Bestf .

I've nth else to update . So readers , do tag okayh ? :D
Bye & takecare ♥



Hello ,afternoon yer .I'm so damn bored so i edit a picture above^^ .Lol .So in the morning, went to Singapore General Hospital to accompany bro go check-ups. Wake up around 9+ and off take taxi. So difficult to find 1 taxi. Pathetic -.- Luckily havent rain yet ya'know.Aft reachin' SGH went to the counter and bro went in and i waited outside at the waiting room for 1 and a Half hr tawuq ! Waduhh takkleyh tahan nak mampuihh .Alone sumore. Ciaaan ):
But nehmind got psp be my accompany. Sad still, cause it is too boring. Waitwait and at last bro done with check-ups. Fewhhh!

Eyh btw kann? i hate person who bobal WORLD siols. All the words coming out from ur mouth are just lies okyies? Pls know who you are and don't bother me anymore laa eyh. Go and do ur own stuff rather than telling me all STUPID, SHIT. I don't entertain anyone like that kind horh ?

Hmmm just very annoyed with *insertname* .Wtv , btw tmr gonna do homeworks with Bestflxve yer. Last minute aru nak buwaat eyh ? Pandai kan .Terime kasih. Hahhah.Make sure all works done okyie bestf? No half way. Aku da penaaat~
Kayh bye.


Hello, loves' . Yesterday was FUN! Went out to town to watch movie with Bestf`tersayaaaaang and her bro .But before all that happened ,firstly in the morning got cca uhq. Malay dance. Tsk~ penaaaat~ Aft cca ended me and bestf went home first to get changed .Around 2+ then meet each other then *fewwwww* fly to town .Hahahha.. Kesian me and bestf tido kt dalam Mrt buroks siols. Kayh fake! Tpy tkkleyh angkat uhq. First went to Marina square to accompanny bestf buy her green wallet .Aft that walkwalk to bugis .We walkwalk then shopshop for bags .Just not long after ,bestf bro called .So meet him at the cathay cineleisure .Btol tak spell ? Hhahah wtv. To shortshort the sehh-to-ryy ,lutot aku niyh da saket psl smlm jalan banyak sangt lurhh .Hmm ): We go watch the 'KARATE KID' **aiyaak!!** ahahah. funfunfun ! Now wanted to do housechores alr laa .bye.


i want cookies like the above ones yer ?
Kuyuuuuut kan ? Yummm sure taste like heaven *drooling*

To Bestf >> Weyh! Esk aku nakk pegy school cepat okayhhs .nak ingt steps aleq uhq .Udaah luper siols. Hahah. See ya tomr horh gugurl ! (:

Hi ,Hello .Just came back from Johore Bahru laa eyh .I slept in the car 3 times or more? Tired laa.Went to a park to play kite but its raining ): So decided to go to Jusco ,a shopping mall there at around Johore laa. Nothing much uhq .B-O-R-I-N-G .
Hmphhf ! June holidays are boring! boring! boring! .And school are gonna re-open, so here we go again. Study,study,study. But school also ok laaa, as at home i like pig in a cage yer . Never go out .No plan laa, Cancelled la .Wtv .

Bro also got operation for his knee so he at home jeyh la. Stay at home also nothing to do . Eat, sleep ,play laptop, watch tv. Hais. I like maid sia ! Hmm , tkpe bro bully me horh .Take this la ,take that la. What ?Nurse is it ? Tired siols. Masak la .Macam2 ajerh. Naseb aku baek ,lao takk . Tak layan tawuq!
Hmm wtv la, today post like shit only . bye.


Mum just bought me the HOT pink wallet ! As in the morning she text me and said that she will be coming over to fetch me then go buy that wallet. Then about 15mins later, she was knocking on the door. I thought who, luckily she called my name. Heh, ohh yesterday i had no idea why i slept at 3+ ? Mayb nak temankn bro tngk Fifa World Cup kerh ? HAHAHA. Later wanna have a nap horh.
Nowadays i quite lazy laa to switch on laptop. Hehe ,no reason uhq. Like everyday in front of laptop for hours ? No good ya'know. Heee~

Ohhya ,yesterday also i met my lovely cousin ,Faizah and Mira. But first meet Faizah first at the library to teman her do homework la kann. She so the concentrate doing her homework yer? Heheheh ! Btw library security sucksss~ kankan ? so the right. PA-THE-TIC.After sitting in the library, we walk2 at Causeway while waiting for Mira which lasted for 1 HOUR. Ishk terok .HAAHHA. When she arrived, we told her that she supposed to threat us as she was damn late horh. Heheheh. Pizzahut-hut ! Finished eating and our stomache was all bloated, Mira take care of the bill and we went home~Home Sweet Home (:

Btw on Thursday me and bestf planned to watch movieee .Who wanna tagg along ? Hahah.
kkayh bye ~


Miss my two baby'gurla . See both on left and right ?Irah and Milaah! Hahah, please make a plan quickquick horh! Miss both muchmuch. Hope we could meet soon (: *smallwhinnieyes* heheh, sayaaang krgs<3

Not going anywhere for today. Staying home. Good gurl larh kann ? Heheh. No plan for this few days uhq. Currently chatting and fb-ing and watch movies. Home theater la kann . Kat umah pon jady laa. Btwbtw ! I want to watch karate kid uhq . Heheh .


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